Asbestos Inspections
The Control of Asbestos Regulations (NI) 2007 has made it essential for non-domestic properties to be inspected and assessed for the presence of any asbestos. The presence of any deleterious materials in a building may affect its market value and could affect the health of the people working or living there. We will inspect property to assess risks, recommend appropriate action to be taken, and issue certificates to businesses to show that their premises are free from/contain hazardous asbestos. We can also offer the labelling and testing of samples.

Condition and Structural Inspections
With rising house prices and levels of mortgage borrowing, most Banks & Building Societies insist that purchasers have a ‘Home-Buyers Survey’ carried out by their own appointed Surveyor. Should issues of concern be raised, we may be contacted to carry out an inspection to assess the cause and extent of the problem, & to make recommendations for repairs, before the mortgage agreement can be signed.

Condition Inspections are carried out when a property owner has noticed a specific problem, e.g. damp or cracking. Our Surveyors will visit the property to ascertain the cause and will make recommendations for remedial works.

Structural Inspections are more comprehensive reports on the structural condition of a property. Our Surveyors will visit the property to check on its physical condition, and will use this information to draw up a report, relating the condition of the property to a pre-determined standard and will make recommendations for repairs and improvements along with budget costings (as appropriate).

Measured Inspections are used to prepare drawings to varying degrees of detail and scale. They may also be used to establish floor areas, essential for setting rent rates or levels of insurance. They may also be used in the preparation of Deed Maps when property or land is being transferred

Construction Health and Safety (CDM)
Clients, Design Teams and Contractors have a responsibility under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (NI) 2007 to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and healthy working conditions for employees, and to ensure that their operations do not adversely affect the Health & Safety of anyone else, e.g. members of the public.
We offer a range of services to help private individuals and companies to ensure that they comply with these Regulations, e.g. Planning Supervision, Client’s Agent, drawing up Health and Safety Plans & Policies, and ensuring that the Health & Safety File is satisfactorily compiled.

Design and Management Services
We recognise the advantage of being I.T. orientated, and incorporate the latest technology in all aspects of our work. We use Computer Aided Design technology to offer our Clients 2D and 3D scaled drawings of existing property and proposed developments. We place a strong emphasis on consultation and try to ensure that our drawings are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
A range of digital equipment is used to increase our accuracy in surveying and recording field data.
We can also prepare documents for tender, along with schedule of works and quantities, administrate the contract, supervise the works on site and issue certificates for stage payments and final completion.

Dilapidations inspections and reports are most commonly applied to commercial buildings where a lease or agreement has been, or is to be applied. Surveyors will inspect property to enable them to prepare the schedule, which may then be used to establish the existing condition and to identify breaches of covenant to repairs.

Disability Discrimination Access Audits
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 has made it unlawful to discriminate against disabled persons with regard to access for goods, services, facilities or employment. Access audits are used to assess the state of buildings and surrounding areas to identify potential problems and to make recommendations for improvements.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’S)
We are fully qualified and experts in the field in assessing how energy efficient houses are, whether it be your existing house, a design of your new dwelling yet to be built, known as  a SAP rating BER-TER. or one that you have recently completed. EPC’s are required for the existing housing stock when they are being sold or rented. These EPC’s are also required for all newly constructed dwellings as a requirement by Building Control.  EPC’s can only be issued by an approved and qualified energy assessor.

Fire Risk Assessments
Employers and Persons with control by tenancy or contract to maintain all or a part of a building have a responsibility under the Fire Safety Regulations (NI) 2010 to carryout a fire risk assessment to help eliminate or reduce the likelihood that a fire risk will cause serious harm or death to an employee or member of public. We offer a full range of fire safety services to help employees, landlords, letting agents to ensure that they comply with these Regulations, e.g. Fire Risk Assessment, Staff Training and Annual Reviews.

Insurance Loss Assessing
We will carry out inspections and prepare schedules of loss or damage to property and contents. We will prepare recommendations for rectification works, along with costings, produce designs and manage the works on site. This will usually be in consultation with the insurance company or their agent.

Professional and Legal Services
Our Surveyors may act as ‘Expert Witnesses’ in advising Solicitors, Barristers and Courts about matters within their field of expertise.
Scott Schedules may be prepared in instances of disputes between parties, e.g. private individuals and contractors.

Project Management
For larger and more complicated projects, we can co-ordinate Project Management for our clients, i.e. management of their legal, design and contracting teams.